Educational Institutions

With a new focus on school safety, our uniformed officers are available to provide peace of mind for students, parents, and faculty. As Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Specialists, we value community safety.

Commercial Properties, Retail Storefronts & Restaurants

In busy business corridors, security services are vital in order to provide a worry-free environment for your customers. Our experts serve as theft deterrents and community response specialists for your business.

Religious Institutions

Uniformed officers are in place to provide a worry-free environment to guests and church attendees by acting as a public safety advocate. Our discreet presence can integrate into any church activity.

Construction Sites

We provide construction sites a strong security presence which serves as a deterrent for activities such as vandalism, arson, equipment theft, proper damage, etc. Our company holds a high standard for protecting your property and equipment.

Risk Assessments

Every business is unique and requires a comprehensive plan to accommodate those needs. Here at GPS, we specialize in conducting a 5 step process to identify significant hazards/safety concerns and make recommendations for improvements.

Private Protection

We provide a safe and discreet black car transportation service to celebrities, VIPs, government officials, and high-level business executives. Our clients can rest assured that their safety is our top priority.

Corporate Events, Conferences and Sports Games

Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on hosting a successful event and achieving your business objectives in a safe and secure environment without interruptions. Our experts are trained to manage small and large crowds.

Background Investigations

By utilizing trustworthy tactics and reliable systems, we can thoroughly complete criminal background investigations and have results back in as little as 24 hours. We take pride in customized results for your business goals.

Social Media & Internet Investigations

Our main goal is to help you receive the confident answers you need through various social media platforms. Our online private investigators use cutting-edge digital methods to obtain the relevant information required.

Motor Accident Investigation

Our private investigators respond quickly to the accident scene to obtain accurate facts. The main goal is to ensure that you are protected and safe in a timely manner.