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Safety Classes

How we train our clients

During our training classes, attendees will be properly trained on the requirements of conceal and firearm safety. They will receive the knowledge and skills needed to handle firearms safely, confidently, and responsibly.

Firearm/Carry and Conceal Class

Taught by a certified NRA instructor, attendees will learn how to properly and safely use your firearm for self-defense. This customized training will teach attendees about handgun basics, personal protection plans, the legal use of force, and much more. Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion to obtain your official carry and conceal license.

To request a concealed carry course for groups of ten or more, please contact e.silas@gpsprotects.com

Active Shooter Preparedness Class

Due to recent active shooter incidents across America, overall public safety is important for any environment. This class allows attendees to respond with confidence during an active shooter situation while making good survival decisions should an attack occur.

Security and Private Investigation Consultant

In today’s fast-paced society, customized business needs are vital to long-term business success. Executives can schedule private consultations to discuss their public safety needs and security expectations to address their business goals.

High-Level Education

Why choose us

Public Safety Standards

We understand the importance of education in gun safety.

Quality Experts

Our team upholds high standards with industry experience.

Experience Matters

We value our clients’ needs to work with seasoned professionals.